All those involved in our programs must show compassion for the people served and with whom we work.


Shake the World Health aims to establish health resources, provide health education, and promote community health advocacy in Honduras using the principles of public health.


Shake the World Health envisions a Honduras with empowered citizens who have numerous opportunities and resources to make decisions that lead to healthier communities.

The current aim of Shake the World is to create a public health center that can provide, support, and encourage interventions at all five levels of the ecological model from individual health education to providing a locus for community health advocacy and policy planning.  

About Us

Why public health?

Our programs empower community members to take steps toward improving their health and that of their families now and in the future.

Our programs rely on community participation and collaboration with community members and agencies.

Shake the World

"In a small way, you can shake the world."   - Gandhi

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The ecological model of public health is the basis for Shake the World Health.  The model, shown below, works around the principle that public health interventions are most effective when they address multiple levels of impact: individual behavior, relationships, institutions, communities, and policies.  This model is widely used and respected in the realm of public health and makes sense for use in Honduran communities.  We believe that it is not the sole responsibility of the individual to choose good health but that social factors higher up in the triangle (the social determinants of health) are also important.  This also means that medicine alone is not enough.